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Purchase a banner (picture) ad that will be displayed on the CBAS app home page AND the website page of your choosing. The price represents the cost to run the ad for one day. To have the ad run for multiple days, please update the number of units purchased.  Each unit represents 1 day (ex: Quantity of "6" means ad will run for 6 consecutive days from start date). 


Ad purchases must be made no less than 2 days prior to the first day desired for the ad to run. 

App and Website Ad - 1 Day

  • App and Web Page Ad: Submit your app/web page ad to  The ad should be a .jpg or .png file with 1024x1024 resolution. The ad will be reviewed for appropriateness by CBAS and if approved, will be processed. Confirmation of ad approval will be sent to the email address that submitted the ad picture file. If the ad is rejected, CBAS will refund the purchase in full within 5 business days. 

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